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The Book – My Days in Court

My Days in Court is a documentary of my travails and the consequential hullabaloos at the University of Agriculture Makurdi. It’s somewhat a separate chapter from but critically linked to my yet to be written Makurdi Files in a section of my forthcoming autobiography. As a memoir of generational value at this stage, it is purposed to not only expose the evildoing in Nigeria’s higher educational system but also illuminate the inner mechanisms of the academic system wherefrom important lessons abound for all and sundry to be learnt—students, lecturers, administrators, legal practitioners, and even filmmakers in search of fascinating scenes of uncommon types. Herein, my experiential story demonstrates the fact that contrary to popular expectation or belief, the typical Nigerian university, or possibly universities in other parts of the world, is not immune to criminality, corruption, and application of non-merit criteria, amongst other societal ills commonly observed in government ministries, departments, and agencies in public service. Given its rich factual and empirical contents, My Days in Court is my own stylized antidote to falsehood or future misrepresentations of the facts by tattlers about what happened to me at Makurdi at the hands of Gyang, a deep-pocketed bully and, borrowing the word of the High Court judge in one of my cases, a quintessential “despot” dressed in academic robes.