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Essays on Agricultural Economy

These Essays are a decade-wise collection of non-experimental and non- econometric writings of mine over a period of 30 years, from the year of my doctoral graduation in 1988 to date in 2018. The volume, comprises papers written on different aspects of the agricultural and rural economy of Nigeria, presented at various conferences and workshops or other speaking engagements in the country and abroad. Apart from the utility of the Essays as a repository of critical time series information of quantitative and qualitative types about agricultural policy process in Nigeria in relation to the rest of the world, thereby constituting a vital institutional memory in itself, the felt need for the present volume predicates so much upon the sustained demand for the earlier book by students, agricultural administrators, policy experts or practitioners, among others in the agricultural development community. In particular, this book of Essays is aimed at quenching the thirst of undergraduate and postgraduate students of agricultural economics in the institutions of higher learning at home and aboard for a quick reference book on Nigerian development they require for proper understanding of taught courses. In general, it is also aimed at dependent and independent professionals in the public and private sectors of the economy and development community at large, with a view to providing them with the institutional memory they require to demonstrate their expertise on job much better.