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Author – My Days in Court

Gbolagade Ayoola descended from the royal family of the Owus at OrileOwu in Osun State, Nigeria, and has deep ancestral roots in Ibadan, Oyo State as well, dating back to post-1826, when the allied forces sacked the erstwhile city-state of Owu-Ipole. His great grandfather was Lagbedu, a quintessential warrior and an Olowu of the source, whose progeny also sprouted at Itabaale Olugbode and other locations to become Olubadan at different times in history. Upon their widespread dispersal all over the outside world following a vast conspiratorial plot against the ancient Owu Kingdom in the nineteenth century, they have manifested their war-fighting traits down the generational lines in the likes of Olusegun Obasanjo, an army general and twice a former president of Nigeria. There is no naysaying the reality of a warsome blood of the Owus running in the veins of Ayoola, the author of this book, who in contemporary times has chosen the courtroom as a theatre of war to fight it out with the authorities of his workplace, an academic institution outside his own homeland at which hostility erupted. He found himself in the eye of the storm for a protracted period, and much like his ancestors, he survived the travails and hullabaloos to tell his own story in this memoir.